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Cowboys Mailbag: November 4, 2011

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WAYNE CARTER SUFFOLK, VA:What, in your opinion, is the reason the Cowboys just aren't consistent?

Rob:Well, they plain got beat by two better teams: the Patriots and Eagles (when they play the way they did last Sunday). We've been over the other two losses: they gave them away with turnovers. I think it comes down to the fact that this is a pretty good football team - a team good enough to get to the postseason - but they're not going to win games with turnovers or lack of consistent execution. There's not a huge margin for error, evidenced by so many games decided by four points or fewer.

Josh:This word 'consistent' has been twisted. I don't think the Cowboys are inconsistent. I just don't think they're really all that good. They're definitely not perfect. By asking them to be consistent, you're asking them to be perfect. To your question, the reason the Cowboys blow leads and play up and down from week to week is that they're an average team. Maybe they'll look better a month from now, when the level of competition has stabilized a little bit.

AARON OSBORNE CHARLOTTE, NC:I ordered my authentic Sean Lee jersey on Friday from and watched as he got hurt on Sunday. Obviously his injury is my fault. Anyway, since it's an authentic jersey order, customer service told me that those orders take a minimum of three weeks to process. So my question is, which will happen first - I get my jersey or see Sean Lee playing again?

Rob: I really don't have an answer for you there. The Cowboys haven't ruled out surgery at some point, but they obviously want to wait and see how the wrist responds because surgery likely means season-ending injured reserve. He could be better in a week, but as of Friday the swelling hasn't really subsided. And remember, as a linebacker he's got to have sufficient strength in both wrists (not just one) to engage with blockers for 60 plays.

Josh: Man, that's tough, and I think neither the team doctors or the post office would be able to answer it with certainty. They don't want to IR him, so I imagine they'll hold off on the surgery as long as possible to try and let the thing stabilize in a cast. They need him badly, and he wants to be out there. I think he's going to fight and get back on the field, but it may be a month or more.

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