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Cowboys Mailbag: November 8, 2011

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DANIEL DOLMAGE MEDFORD, OR:Do you think it is safe to say that run defense is the Cowboys' biggest concern at this point?

Nick:I think it's the biggest concern on defense. I don't think it's the overall biggest concern. Right now, I think it'd be red-zone scoring. That has to be fixed because they're wasting too many scoring chances. Convert more field goals into touchdowns, build a bigger lead, and you won't be having to worry as much about teams running the ball.

Rob:Agreed that it has become a concern. Michael Vick and LeSean McCoy are one challenge, but the Seahawks entered Sunday averaging only 3.8 yards per carry. They averaged 5.4 in the game. I do think the defense will get it corrected because we've seen it; they were the best in the league through six games. The bigger issue to me is the red zone, because that's been an issue beyond even this season. The Cowboys can get away with struggles inside the 20 against teams like Seattle, but settling for field goals against teams like New England gets them beat.

JOHN TRIANTAFYLLOU WATCHUNG, NJ:When Felix Jones comes back, do you think the Cowboys will like to use him in a Darren Sproles kind of role? Maybe 10 carries a game, line him up in the slot from time to time and have him handle kickoff returns?

Nick:I've heard that comparison a few times this week and while it sounds good, they really aren't the same back. Sproles is much more explosive and a better pass-catcher. Basically, his role is a third-down back, change-of-pace player. That's basically what the Cowboys need from a third-down back but I just wouldn't compare him to Sproles.

Rob: That's an interesting role, and we might see something similar once Jones gets rolling again. He's still a threat, and his 4.0-yard average in the first five games had a lot to do with lack of holes to run through. But I don't know how Jason Garrett can slice into DeMarco Murray's workload with the way he's playing right now. He has been nothing short of fantastic in three games.

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