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Cowboys Mailbag: October 20, 2011

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STEVE KULAKOWSKI VICTOR, NY :Is there any reason to believe the Cowboys don't have the stamina to succeed in the 4th quarter, and resultantly get tired and make stupid mistakes?

Nick:The only reasons not to believe that is the Cowboys have won two games like that already this year. I think it's the way it bounces. Even last year, they were making plays in the end to win games. When you play it close, sometimes you lose and sometimes you win. I really don't think it has anything to do with mental makeup or stamina.

Josh:Stamina, I don't think so, necessarily. They've made stupid mistakes all throughout these game, but when it's the fourth quarter it seems to matter more. When you play close games, you're bound to lose some of them. They need to do a better job throughout the game.

A. KAPLAN NEW YORK, NY:Now that it seems likely Montrae Holland will at least start Sunday, should the Cowboys put Kyle Kosier back at left guard? Is it possible Doug Free's play has suffered because he doesn't have Kosier lined up next to him?

Nick: Not a bad question at all. I wondered that myself this week. Of course, you wonder if Holland will be as beneficial to Tyron Smith on the right side as Kosier was supposed to be. But yes, I think Free's play has suffered because of Kosier's absence.

Josh: Josh: Too many moving parts for my liking. I'll agree with the premise that moving Kosier has hurt Free's play, but if that is true, then I have to also assume Kosier is helping Tyron Smith. Let's see what having a more powerful guy, a veteran like Holland, can do for Free this week. I still think the plan is to play Dockery at left guard when healthy.

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