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Cowboys Mailbag: October 24, 2011

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John Kurien - Garland, TX: After Sunday's 253-yard game by DeMarco Murray, what do you think is in store for the Cowboys' running game, and should he be the starter, even once Felix Jones is healthy?

Nick: Yes, I think Murray should be the starting tailback now. And the 253-yard game is a big reason for that, but it's also the type of back he is. The fact he can pick up tough yards AND show the ability to be a home-run hitter is the combo you're looking for in an every-down back. But having Jones as a third-down back wouldn't be that bad either.

Josh: To me, it doesn't matter who starts. It's really about who is the primary ball carrier. Chances are Murray will have another week or two to show what he can do with more opportunities, so maybe he can prove he should get the majority of the touches. I don't think Jones would be made irrelevant if he was the third down back and change of pace guy. We've seen him do a lot with a little before.

Matthew Vaccaro - Toronto, ON: Dez Bryant is too valuable to this offense to have him return punts again after he missed time from an injury returning a punt in the season opener. Why the change on Sunday?

Nick: For starters, he's the best they have. Secondly, why not get the ball in his hands when you can. If he's going to get hurt, he'll get hurt playing offense too. Injuries can't tell the difference. As soon as he takes one back to the house, or even if the punter shanks off a 21-yard punt because he's afraid to kick to him, you'll see the importance of having back there.

Josh: If Wes Welker and DeSean Jackson can do it, so can Dez Bryant. The Cowboys don't have to baby him. This team isn't good enough to be leaving chances for big plays on the sidelines, and he's someone who can take it to the house on a return. They're right to put him back out there.

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