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Cowboys Mailbag: October 28, 2011

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B. OLSEN MANHATTAN, KS :Why doesn't Jason Garrett just come out and say that DeMarco Murray is starting. What other option is there?

Rob:It has become pretty obvious by now that Garrett isn't going to confirm even the most obvious injury or lineup news. He clearly doesn't want to hand the opponent any information other than daily injury reports. That's all he is required to do, and it's about all the media is going to get for the most part on those fronts.

Josh:There is no other option that would make any sense at all, and that's why it's what Garrett will do, at least this Sunday. But he's like a lot of coaches in that he just doesn't see the point in giving up information that might be remotely interesting to an opponent. It's annoying, and probably pointless, but that's the way a lot of guys are.

CHRIS POWERS ST. JOHNSBURY, VTDo you see Victor Butler getting more reps in the foreseeable future because of the impact he has had in limited playing time?

Rob: I don't see him replacing Anthony Spencer in the starting lineup, but Butler has been good in his role as a situational guy. Rob Ryan's defense seems a good fit for him because it's unconventional. He can even be on the field with DeMarcus Ware and Spencer in certain looks rather than backing them up.

Josh: I think he's getting plenty reps as is. Spencer is a better all-around player. While Butler has done some nice things as a pass-rusher, there's more to that position than just getting after the quarterback. I will say that I haven't noticed Spencer as much over the last couple weeks - except for bad things in New England - which always worries me with him, because we've seen him coast at times.

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