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Cowboys Mailbag: October 5, 2011

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TYLER AZZARO SLATINGTON, PA :If you changed the way the ball bounced a few times, this team could be undefeated or winless. I think they are better than 2-2. What do you think?

Rob:Bill Parcells said it best: you are what your record says. Agreed, the Cowboys could be 4-0 or 0-4. They've lost a couple of games they probably should have won and vice versa. So 2-2 is probably right where they should be. Their top-10 ranking in both offense and defense suggests they're better than .500, but you gotta finish games, and they know that.

Nick:Not really. I think they're 2-2 and right where they are. They're just an average team with an average record. If you're going to make the plays to win this week and fail to make the plays that week, then you're right in the middle. Don't even think about the last four games, how about the last 10. All of these games have been decided by four points or less and the Cowboys are 5-5. I think they look like an 8-8 team right now. A team good enough to beat New England on the road next week and bad enough to lose at home to Seattle or Miami.

DAVE TUMP SPARTA, WI:I know part of the reason to cut Roy Williams was money, but considering how banged up the receivers have been and the mistakes the youth has made, do you think the team would've been better off keeping him, excluding the money reasons?

Rob: More than Williams, I thought a guy like Patrick Crayton was a great fit because his contract was cap-friendly and most important, he had a great rapport with Romo on the field. Laurent Robinson has already looked about as comfortable with Romo in two weeks as Williams did in two and a half years. Credit the front office for a savvy in-season signing there.

Nick: Well it's hard to exclude the "money reasons" because they factor into every decision. But Williams would've been better than Ogletree, but probably not $8.5 million better. The one guy that could've helped would be Sam Hurd. There's a special teams player with a good grasp of the offense that would've been a legit No. 3 receiver. That's the one guy who might have been missed the most.

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