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Cowboys Mailbag: September 15, 2011

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MARCO TERAN TUCSON, AZ :Why doesn't Tashard Choice get used very much?

Rob: Well, the team clearly viewed Marion Barber then and Felix Jones now as a better option on offense. Jones has more burst, a little more versatility. Using Barber over Choice really seems surprising now because Barber got cut, but they did trust him more as a pass protector on third downs. It's always been a tough deal for Choice because he has been pretty productive when used.

Nick: He's the backup running back for now, and probably close to being the third guy with DeMarco Murray expected to get more touches. He's done a nice job with limited opportunities, but apparently there is something the coaching staff sees in practice or the games that prevents him from playing more.

DARRELL FOX ROGERS, AR :Why should we care if Martellus Bennett is back and healthy? I think John Phillips gives us a better player.

Rob: You should care because it's a position of strength for the offense. When healthy, they've got three tight ends who can block for the running game, chip on tackles and catch passes. Makes life easier for Tony Romo. Say what you want about Bennett, but he did a better job last year of maximizing his few opportunities. He did have a couple of drops this preseason, though.

Nick: I don't agree. I think we see Phillips make a catch or two, but where the No. 2 tight end is needed the most is on the line as a blocker. Bennett is the best blocking TE on the team, better than Witten. The Cowboys need Bennett back there to run the ball, especially this week. You saw Phillips shed that tackler the other day and that was nice. But he was also the main blocker on an offense that got 64 rushing yards. Bennett will help there.

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