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Cowboys Mailbag: September 8, 2011

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@ThaRealestRhyma: Who would you prefer to matchup with Plaxico Burress? Big receivers have given the Cowboys trouble at times.

Rob: Orlando Scandrick is clearly the Cowboys' best healthy corner right now, despite giving away several inches in height to Burress. I'd go with Mike Jenkins if he's close to 100 percent. He's got long arms that allow him to play a little bigger than his frame.

Nick: I think you just cover him with whoever is playing where he lines up. He's good, but he's not good enough to shadow. When you get to the goal line, maybe you put someone like Jenkins on him with over-the-top safety help, but I wouldn't be afraid to have Scandrick on him in the open field.

@cboyXxXoxXx: Who would you have as the kickoff and punt returner for the Cowboys?

Rob: DeMarco Murray on kickoff returns. Dwayne Harris on punt returns, and maybe use Dez Bryant in spot situations the way the Cowboys have used Terence Newman when the opponent is backed up in its own territory.

Nick: I'd put Bryan McCann on punt return and kickoff, and maybe DeMarco Murray back there at times on kickoff, too.

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