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Cowboys Mailbag: Why Pass on Bringing Back Mat McBriar?


Why would the Cowboys pass on bringing back Mat McBriar?

Nick: They did like his workout on Tuesday, but apparently Chris Jones is someone they want to take a good look at. I don't think the Cowboys actually passed on McBriar. They were prepared to make him an offer but it was going to be for a chance to compete with Jones. After eight years, I think McBriar went for more money and a more solid job security.

Josh: Look, all good things come to an end. McBriar is probably the best punter in Cowboys history, but there are some definite question marks about his viability going forward because of last year's injury and his surgery to remove the cyst this offseason. And the team really likes the younger, cheaper guy, Chris Jones. Besides, it's not like McBriar didn't have options.


Why have the Cowboys not signed a veteran backup to Jason Witten?

Nick: What is a veteran? I think entering your fourth season is pretty close to that. Obviously John Phillips doesn't excite you, but the Cowboys like what they've seen in him. They did try to sign a veteran from Chicago back in free agency, but he chose to stay with the Bears. Adding more blocking there is important but they won't reach for it.

Josh: What do you need from Jason Witten's backup? Remember, age and experience isn't always better. I haven't seen anything from Jeremy Shockey lately to make me think he'll be any better player going forward than John Phillips. In fact, I think the younger Phillips will be better. They don't have a big-time blocker like Martellus Bennett, but they can make up for that by using an extra tackle, if need be, and I think Phillips will give them more in the passing game. Besides, Witten never gets hurt. This is not a huge concern.

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