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Cowboys Make the Playoffs With A Win Over The Colts!

By Leon McKenzie

This Holiday Game Day versus the Colts was definitely one of my most joyous experiences to date as the Dallas Cowboys Rhythm & Blue Drum Major. This being my sixth season with the team, I've seen the Cowboys have their struggles. Being such an avid fan of the organization and the fans, it was always tough when we would have to go home to our holiday celebrations without a win, or hopes of a playoff run. But, not anymore! We are the NFC East Division Champs, and with that triumphant win it is my favorite game day experience to date.

Coupled with the win, I was honored to perform in the halftime show! Our DCR&B, the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders, and additional performers always pull together an entertaining show. But, let's dial it back to how it all gets started... and that's simple: rehearsals. The guys on the drum line are no slouches, carrying heavy drums all game day through stage performances and throughout the game. We practiced the drum score to the show music and added in some dance moves they could perform while holding their drums. Not an easy task. Sunday morning we hit the field at 10:00am to clean up our moves, formations, our entrance and our exit.

For me, it's always an honor to dance on the giant star at the 50-yard line. Each rehearsal we marked our march, our formation changes, and since I freestyle my performances, I locked in on what I wanted to do. Everyone from the flag team, the tumblers, and the DCC practice the performance so that all of the placements are perfected and the show is energetic and clean. For me, that is one of the most amazing feats about the halftime show -- everyone is dedicated to making it visually effective and entertaining.

Prior to performing on the field, we had to do our plaza performances -- which are always a blast. And, once the game started the pure energy from the fans could be felt from the initial kickoff! We have an incredible view from our perch in the Miller Lite Plaza where we perform, and saw fans from the field to the roof all screaming in support of our Dallas Cowboys... it was awesome. The best part was the exclamation the Cowboys put on this season by handing a great team like the Colts a big loss.

In my six seasons, nothing has topped seeing the Cowboys really redeem the love and support of their fans. Plus, we rocked all of our shows including the halftime performance! If you were there, you felt it. Now, it's time for the playoffs -- let's #finishthefight all the way to the Superbowl!

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