Cowboys Open To Game On Foreign Soil

As the NFL continues to hone its efforts to promote the game of football internationally, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones says he would be happy to have his team playing outside the U.S. in the regular season.

While he would be open to visiting London, the preference would be to play in Mexico, where the NFL hasn't held a regular season game since 2005. The Cowboys have played south of the border four times in the preseason, but not since 2001.

"We always are at the head of the list as the team that would like to play at Azteca Stadium or there in Monterrey," Jones said. "I would suspect that when we do go back down there and play a game - which, we don't have it on the horizon to do right now - we'll be working real hard to try to be one of the two teams playing in Mexico . . . It has everything to do with the fanbase that we have there."

The Cowboys are the NFL's best road draw, so teams won't likely be lining up to lose a home game against them to play in Mexico, where Dallas would likely have the greater fan support.

Just three years into the life of Cowboys Stadium, Jones isn't interested in giving a home game there just yet.

"That's not in my plans," Jones said. "There are teams that that fits, for whatever the reason, and they're varied, but it works for some teams. And thank goodness it doesn't work for us, because we have such great attendance at our games."

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