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Cowboys QB Announces Twelve Cowboys Way


FRISCO, Texas – Roger Staubach already had a larger-than-life presence in the Cowboys organization – but this is something else entirely.

Already one of the most important figures in franchise history, Staubach will take on another level of permanence in 2020, as the Cowboys formally announced the opening of Twelve Cowboys Way.

Currently under construction across the street from the Cowboys' facility, the 17-floor apartment complex will be a towering addition to The Star – not to mention a large reminder of the legendary quarterback's legacy, as he famously wore No. 12 for America's Team.

"This is a big day for us. It's a big day for the Dallas Cowboys," said team owner/general manager Jerry Jones. "We think it will be memorialized for many years to come by its very being, that 17-story building that basically says 'This is about the Cowboys, this is about Roger Staubach.' We want the people living in it to, as close as you possible could, be involved in the fabric of what the Cowboys have been and what they're going to be."

Staubach and his partner, real estate developer Robert Shaw, teamed with the Cowboys on the project, which is slated to open its 158-unit building early next year. Residents will have exclusive access to amenities at The Star, located directly across the street.

"You get a membership here at the Cowboys Club, you get a membership at Cowboys Fit, you get an opportunity to be a part of Cowboys practices," said Cowboys Chief Brand Officer Charlotte Jones Anderson.

Obviously, Staubach put together an incredible resume as the quarterback of the Cowboys in the 1970s. Originally drafted in 1964, he didn't begin playing for the Cowboys until 1969 due to a four-year military commitment in the United States Navy.

From there, he embarked on a decade-long career that saw him selected to six Pro Bowls and help the Cowboys win two Super Bowls. Apart from his impressive football career, Staubach got started in real estate as a way to make money on the side – a testament to the ways in which the NFL has changed.

"When I came out of the Navy, we had three little girls and we added two more. I was 27, if I got hurt I was thinking 'What am I going to do?' So I went to work in real estate," he said. "So I really was involved in real estate for quite a while and then started my own company. So I've been at it, actually, for 47 years."

Now, he'll be partnering with the Cowboys to offer the latest amenity on the team's 91-acre development in Frisco. Within walking distance of the complex, there are countless retail and dining options, not to mention the recently-opened Baylor Scott & White Medical Center. And that doesn't even include the football features across the street.

"In this whole area, you can find anything you want," Staubach said. "If you've got kids, you've got good schools. It's got everything cooking out here right now."

Beginning next year, that list will include Twelve Cowboys Way – just another addition to Staubach's already impressive legacy.

Apartments are now available and can be leased today.