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Cowboys Secondary Loaded With Uncertainty

is the most valuable special teams player on the squad. That was evident in the two games he missed early in the season with a torn pectoral muscle, when the Cowboys allowed a kickoff and punt return for a touchdown in consecutive games.  

But while Davis is the special teams captain, he wants to be a safety. He knows the window is closing on his chances to be an every-down player. While strong safety seems to be his best position, Davis knows it's unlikely he would get that opportunity as long as Williams is ahead of him.  

It seems like we're at the point now where the Cowboys could try a few options at safety. Maybe Williams is still the best candidate. Maybe Davis should get a chance. Maybe Hamlin is more of a strong safety and Pat Watkins can battle for the free safety spot.  

Unlike the last few years, it seems the Cowboys have some pieces at safety, but they're going to have to be creative to figure out just how they will fit.  

One option that always seems to be mentioned is the idea of moving Henry to free safety. While he's usually a good tackler for a cornerback and would have ideal size at safety, not to mention some early-career experience at the position, that's never been a good idea to me.  

Talk about robbing Peter to pay Paul. You've been trying for years to find some quality cornerbacks. Now you've got two in Henry and Newman and will probably look to find some help from another third cornerback. I'm not a big fan of moving Henry to a position with the hope that he can make the transition. Now what at cornerback? You still need to find two, instead of one.  

Speaking of the corners, Newman is entering the last year of his contract. He's coming off a Pro Bowl season - finally, we can say that and be accurate - but while I once thought he would demand ridiculous dollars, not so sure anymore.  

And that has nothing to do with his actual play on the field. I would call Newman one of the best cover cornerbacks in the NFL and you rarely see him giving up any big plays, especially touchdowns.  

But he does have one thing going against him - age. Although he's played just five seasons, Newman will turn 30 when the regular season begins in September.  

Now, he still might have five or so really good seasons ahead of him - maybe more than that. But it's unlikely he's going to see the $80 million contract range that Nate Clements got from San Francisco last year or probably not what New England's Asante Samuel could get this off-season.  

The Cowboys are loyal to their superstars. And they consider Newman in that category. But it will be very interesting to see how his next contract will be handled.  

But that's a decision for down the road. The Cowboys have two other cornerbacks that are unrestricted free agents in Jacques Reeves and Nate Jones. 

Raise your hand if anyone actually thought both of those seventh-round picks in 2004 would make it four years with the team? Not me, I know that.  

I think both of them will get the chance to test the free-agent market. Jones is a solid special teams player, but the more years he keeps playing, the harder it is to justify keeping a veteran role player and possibly stunt the progress of a young defensive back.  

As for Reeves, his market value might be surprising to some. While he gave up a few big plays late in the season, he was better than you think. And teams will take a chance on a guy who can run. Speed still sells in this league and Reeves has it.  

Look for him to get a deal somewhere, and it may end up being here in Dallas.  

And if the Cowboys are going to get a free-agent cornerback, that's the type of player I would expect them to sign. Someone in the category of Reeves, which means maybe it would just make sense to re-sign him.  

But to add another high-priced cornerback in the mix, when you already have the contracts to Newman and Henry, doesn't make a lot of sense.  

Draft one? Possibly. Doesn't have to be in the first round, but probably on the first day.  

The Cowboys will probably give Alan Ball, last year's seventh-round pick, a chance to show his development. Evan Oglesby, who was claimed off waivers early in the season from

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