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CowBuzz: Making A Move Up The Power Rankings


Throughout the 2019 season the Dallas Cowboys have made one thing clear: They don't care about the noise. Whether they are on a three-game losing streak, or undefeated, the Dallas Cowboys have shared their unrelenting confidence. From the second they stepped into AT&T Stadium last Sunday, there was only one option: Win.

Moving up three spots on's Power Rankings list, Dallas is given props for playing "like the superior team in every conceivable way" against the Rams.

Cowbuzz Power Ranking NFL12-18

The Dallas Cowboys shift up two places to No. 13 on's list. As the season wraps up, ESPN begins to look at what may lie ahead by giving each team a two-word prediction on what each team's offseason may consist of. For Dallas, these two words are "high anxiety."

Cowbuzz Power Ranking espn 12-18

Lucky No. 13 once again. still questions Dallas' ability to make the playoffs but warns that this

Cowboys team should not be underestimated.

Cowbuzz Power Ranking cbs 12-18

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