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Dancing Queens & Big Dreams: Tonight's Episode of DCC: Making the Team

By Samantha Finglass

Rhinestoned lycra outfits, big Texas hair, and "what does she think she's doing?" are back once again. Tonight marks the start of an all new season of Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team on CMT. While the process is the same, this season is anything but dull.

Ladies across the globe prepared for months before arriving at AT&T Stadium where they are given only 90 seconds to show the judges that they have what it takes to wear the fifteen stars and white Lucchese boots.

Over 500 talented dancers arrived in Arlington, TX in May. Among the contenders was a handful of familiar faces, DCC legacies, and even a mother daughter duo. They all hoped to end the day by seeing their number on the famous board at the end of the day. They wouldn't be leaving with a golden ticket to game day, however they would find themselves one step closer to achieving their dream.

Veiws from the 2017 DCC Prelims at At&t Stadium, in Arlington TX.

Tonight's episode showcases the preliminary open call auditions. As they take the floor in front of the judges, dancers participate in a free-style round to showcase their strengths and convince the judges they deserve to be marked down as a "yes" rather than a "no" or a "maybe".

Does having DCC in your bloodline help or hurt you during the audition process? Just how much do these girls pay for an audition outfit they'll wear for one weekend out of the year? Will former cheerleaders for other professional teams have just as much luck in this grueling audition as they did in their hometowns? Find out tonight on the season premiere of Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team 10/9c on CMT. 

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