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Davis A Huge Answer

up in the air and think it's up in the air for him. It would be premature to say what direction it will go." 

So yeah, guard is a need since the only other guy on the team with experience is Kyle Kosier, who started on the left side last year. 

Now I know what Bill Parcells had to say about Cory Procter. But the guy has yet to play an NFL game. 

"We're not going to count on a guy who hasn't played, playing," Stephen Jones said. "You got to have more options." 

Or more than one inexperienced solution to a potential problem. 

By signing Davis, they have a potential solution to either problem, tackle or guard. And if you listened closely to Jerry Jones, an alternative to a potential future left tackle need. 

The possibility of getting a three-for-one does not come cheap - or often. 

Jerry Jones called it "short-term, long-term flexibility. Offensive line was a real must for us. 

"Leonard gives us a chance . . . we missed on a couple of our picks the last three years, and this gives us a chance to make up." 

You know who he's talking about. The Cowboys took a swing and a miss on 2004 second-round pick Jacob Rogers. They took a swing and a miss on 2004 third-round pick Stephen Peterman. And this is the result of making first-day misses in the draft: 

You pay for your mistakes in free agency. Generally, you overpay, a sort of double jeopardy for missing badly on the first day of the draft. That's the penalty. 

But at least when the Cowboys did pay, guaranteeing Davis $18.75 million on the seven-year deal, they bought themselves some flexibility on the offensive line. He can play guard or tackle. 

And when Stephen Jones was asked what happens if they don't get Colombo re-signed and Rivera can't play, what do they do knowing Davis can only fill one of those gaping holes, he had a quick answer. 

"The big thing then will be the draft," he said. "You've got to have more options. We're not just going to say Procter is the answer or McQuistan is the answer." 

But at least with Davis on board, they do have one right-side answer, qualifying the cost.                               

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