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DCC Experiment With New Twitter Technology

The annual Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders cameo photo shoot was held yesterday at the DCC studio at Valley Ranch.

The annual photo shoot is the first time incoming rookie training camp candidates try on their uniforms.  Both rookies and returning veterans are photographed in front of a seamless white background in various poses.  The selected photos from this shoot are used for headshots for the season and also the full-length shots you see on their website bios and the photos above their lockers at AT&T Stadium.

This year the DCC social media team had a new gadget to provide a little more access into the cameo shoot than in past years.  A few days before the photo shoot they received a "Twitter Mirror" from the social media platform.  The mirror allows for easily stitched together photos to create an animated gif or short movie.  It also allows the user to write on the photo(s), the DCC used it yesterday to sign autographs on their photos.

Take a look at some of the fun photos and gifs that were created with the mirror yesterday.  Be on the lookout for more of this when the football season kicks off.

See photos from the DCC's cameo photo shoot.

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