DCRB Dancer - Amber | 2020

What's up, Cowboys Nation!

I am so honored to represent the Dallas Cowboys as a Rhythm & Blue Dancer! Last year was my rookie season, and I am so excited to be returning as a veteran! I am always blown away by the love and support from the Cowboys community and can't wait to cheer on our Boys for another season.

I was born in the Philippines and moved to Texas when I was 12 years old. My mom always knew she wanted to raise her children in the United States. She wanted me to be able to pursue my wildest dreams and it's crazy to think that has actually happened! I miss the Philippines but Dallas definitely has my heart.

I have been truly blessed with this opportunity of a lifetime and thank God every day that I get to keep doing what I love.

Go Cowboys!


Number of years on the team: It is my second year on the team, and I am super excited to be coming back as a veteran!

Prior Dance/Entertainment Industry Experience: I actually am not a trained dancer. I started out in cheerleading. From the age of 6, I was on a competitive cheer team. However, in high school, I injured my back, and decided to give dance a try. It seems everything happens for a reason, because little did I know, dancing would become my true passion and such a huge part of my life. I started auditioning for competitive hip hop teams and fell in love with it all. I have since brought home several World Title Championships and continue to push myself to further improve.

Nicknames: My nicknames include Ambs and Ambsanch!

Hometown: I was born in Manila in the Philippines but I definitely consider Wylie, Texas my hometown.

I dance because: I dance because I love the person I am when I'm dancing. Dancing has helped me become strong, confident and comfortable in my skin. It has become an outlet for me to express myself in the best ways possible and it will forever be my passion.

What I like to do most besides dance: Besides dancing, I absolutely love to travel. Getting to see and experience other cultures is always so interesting to me. I've already been to 3 countries and eventually want to travel every single country!

I've always wanted to: I have always wanted to go skydiving! Even though I am terrified of heights, I feel like the view would be so breathtaking. Maybe one day I'll get the courage.

Advice to Youngsters: My advice to youngsters would be just to give life everything you've got! Don't ever settle or get complacent. Take chances and risks even if they scare you and continue to push yourself in everything you do so that when you look back, you'll be proud of what you've done.

My biggest role model is: The most influential person in my life is my mom. She had me and my sister at a young age in the Philippines and even though she was scared, didn't have a plan, and didn't finish college yet, she knew she wanted to bring us to the United States to have a better life. Since then, I have watched her become extremely successful in her career while taking care of our family. She truly inspires me daily.

What I enjoy most about being a DCRB Dancer is: What I enjoy most about being a DCRB Dancer is being able to do what I love with 16 other people who share the same passion and drive for dancing as I do. There's nothing better than achieving your dreams with people I now consider my family.

Favorite Cowboys player past or present: Jason Witten is my favorite Dallas Cowboy. His attention to detail and work ethic made him such a reliable player on the team and it's something I strive to do for my teammates, as well!

Favorite Performer: My favorite performer has got to be Justin Timberlake. His energy is always through the roof and I love how he incorporates intricate choreography into his performances and executes it so effortlessly.

Favorite Music: My favorite music is anything with a good beat. If I can dance to it, I am all for it.

Favorite Quotes: One of my favorite quotes is "Stay hungry, stay foolish." -Steve Jobs

The three guests I would invite to my fantasy dinner party are: Three guests I would invite to my dinner party are Jesus Christ, Lin-Manuel Miranda, and Barack Obama.