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DeCamillis Provides Inspiration

  "Well, in my mind, I knew I had to get out there," DeCamillis said. "You can't get those days back. The Giants are working on special teams during OTAs. Philadelphia was working on special teams during OTAs. If I wasn't there, it would've been hard to get those days back. I knew if I could do it physically, I would do it."  

  But even though the injury hasn't changed DeCamillis' outlook on his job, he has put some things in a different perspective.  

  "I don't know if it's changed my outlook on my life. I know I have a greater appreciation for my wife," DeCamillis said of his wife, Dana, who accompanied him to every OTA practice this summer. "She's been with me every day for three months. She's been a big, big help. That's probably the best thing." 

  While his immediate family has given him the most support, DeCamillis said he was also overwhelmed by the support of his friends and family, both with the Cowboys and around the NFL.  

  "That's one thing I wanted to get out, the fans and prayers people gave for me is unbelievable," DeCamillis said. "The organization was great. The players' wives would bring us dinner at night. It was a real humbling feeling. People from around the league, I must have had 100 to 200 calls and letters from people. It was a real humbling experience."  

  But through it all, DeCamillis is doing his best to move forward. Regardless if he has a constant reminder just how difficult the last three months have been.        

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