Director's Chair: Staying Focused and Prepared


By Kelli Finglass

Well, coming off a tough loss to the Green Bay Packers, I use this time to challenge my Cheerleaders to learn from their mistakes of the past, and press on to greater achievements in the future. I know in OUR locker room, as we approach our last REGULAR season home game, we are COMMITTED to keeping the Cheerleaders focused and progressing with their performances.

Our preparation is thorough, consistent and diligent. We started this week by watching game film of our last week's performance. We review what was GREAT in the performance, and what must be improved before the next game.

Our attention to detail is exact and demanding, as we practice every musical element that could occur during a game. From our feature Pregame Performance and Player Introductions, to our quarter-break songs, touchdown songs and extra point songs, we practice every in-game musical situation possible.

As director, I believe this type of practice makes the Cheerleaders more prepared and instinctive, which results in a more confident and powerful performance.

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