Don't Expect The Same T.O. Approach

double-team one player all game, well then someone else better be going to the hole or hitting the three, or both.

That's what this team is missing. Every once in a while the Cowboys need their No. 2 and No. 3 receivers to stretch the field with a big play. That happens once or twice, then it's going to force defenses to make a decision on playing that safety over the top on Owens.

Better yet, why not attack that deep safety even more? If his job is to keep an eye on Owens, then run a receiver straight at that guy. Make him make a decision on the fly.

Ok, so maybe it's not as simple as Playstation. But you've got to start making defenses pay for doubling up on Owens like they have.

Or, you can just hope that it will be Christmas for the rest of the regular season and the rest of the opponents will just hand out gifts like the 49ers did last week.

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