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Don't Forget About These Five Plays

1. Grant's Fumble
It's hard to think the second play from scrimmage will be a play to remember, especially since it led to just three points. But Ryan Grant's fumble, which was forced by Adam Jones, recovered and returned 21 yards by Jones as well, did more than give the Cowboys a 3-0 lead. Not only did it silence a hostile, flag-waving crowd for the moment, but seemed to put Grant in a funk. After ripping off that 9-yard run and losing the ball, Grant had just 45 rushing yards the rest of the game and never had a run longer than nine yards.

2. Another End-Zone Pick
For the second time in three games, Tony Romo threw an interception in the end zone. With the game tied 3-3, the Cowboys were looking for their first touchdown when Romo forced a pass to Jason Witten, who had three defenders around him. Witten and Owens both ran seam routes to virtually the same spot on the field. Nick Collins not only picked off the pass but returned it 61 yards that eventually set up Green Bay's go-ahead field goal. The sad part for the Cowboys was marching 16 plays for 67 yards, and coming up with no points.

3. Bouncing Right
While this play didn't lead to any points, it was nearly disastrous for the Cowboys. After Green Bay already took a 6-3 lead and the crowd was roaring with approval, the Packers nearly got the ball back when Marion Barber was hit after a short reception and the ball popped straight into the air. Fortunately for the Cowboys, tight end Tony Curtis was at the right spot, able to snatch the ball out from midair and then run 14 yards for a first down. The Cowboys eventually had to punt but the play helped change the field possession to midfield and saved a possible turnover deep in their own territory.

4. Sack-to-Sack
With the Packers trailing by just seven points early in the third quarter, Green Bay appeared ready to tie the game after Aaron Rodgers hit Donald Driver for a 50-yard pass to the Cowboys' 8. But that's when the defense stiffened. The Cowboys had sacks on consecutive plays. First DeMarcus Ware forced Rodgers out of the pocket and then out of bounds. The official stat-keepers gave the sack to Zach Thomas, although don't be surprised if the official ruling is changed to award Ware the sack. On the next play, there was no mistaking Anthony Henry of a sack. Off a cornerback blitz, Henry got to Rodgers and dropped him for an eight-yard loss back to the 15. The Packers were forced to kick another field goal, keeping the Cowboys in the lead, 13-9.

5. Field-Position Flip
You won't see many punts that make this list, but the Cowboys were able to flip the field from one side to the other, thanks to a booming punt and a costly Packers penalty. The Cowboys had just suffered an intentional grounding penalty and were backed up for a fourth-and-28, which turned into fourth-and-33 after a false start penalty. Punter Mat McBriar then hit a rocket punt of 65 yards, which the Packers returned for only six yards. Tack on a 15-yard unsportsmanlike penalty, which put Green Bay back to its 13-yard line. All in all, the Cowboys gained 72 yards in field position. Backed up, the Packers couldn't sustain a drive, leading to a punt and the Cowboys scored on the next possession to take a commanding 27-9 lead.

They may not be the most memorable five plays. But without them, things could've been a bit different here Sunday night at Lambeau.

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