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Don't Forget These 5

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Don't Forget These 5: Ravens' Clutch Jersey Grab


BALTIMORE – This game had plenty of drama, and most of it occurred before kickoff.

For a game that got moved twice and then saw a reunion showdown with Dez Bryant never materialize, there were plenty of big moments before the game, and then plenty of highlights throughout.  

But all games have those moments that can be forgotten, but still have a huge impact. Here are the five plays you can't forget about that were a big factor in the outcome.

Dalton misses Gallup in EZ – In the first quarter, the Cowboys got an interception by Darian Thompson that put them in great field position to score. But on a third-and-4 from the 13-yard line, Andy Dalton missed an open Michael Gallup in the end zone that would've been a touchdown. Instead, the Cowboys settled for a field goal and a 3-0 lead.

Third down gain sets up score – On third-and-14, the Ravens picked up most of the needed yards with a completion to Luke Willson. That was enough for Lamar Jackson to waive off his coaching staff and the punt or field goal team and stay on the field to run a play. On fourth-and-2, Jackson kept the ball on a read-option play and raced up the middle for a 37-yard touchdown to give the Ravens a 7-3 lead.

Shirt-tackle saves the day – The Cowboys had just gotten a break from the Ravens with a rare missed field goal by Justin Tucker. They had a 10-7 lead and had run a play just under the 9:00 mark of the second quarter. Before the clock got to 8:00, the Ravens led 14-10. And it was a key tackle by Ravens' cornerback Davontae Harris, who held onto Amari Cooper's jersey to bring him down at the 37-yard line for just an 11-yard gain. It could've been a big play, but instead the Cowboys just picked up a first down. On the next snap, Dalton was picked off on a tipped pass at the line of scrimmage. Jackson then threw a touchdown pass on the very next play, and just like that, the Ravens led.

Delay of game miscue – The Cowboys had a third-and-10 at the Ravens' 23-yard line late in the first half but settled for field position with a screen pass to Tony Pollard that only netted 6 yards. However, it seemed there was some indecision on the sideline to go for it or kick a field goal, and that wasted time resulted in a delay of game penalty. The 35-yard kick turned into a 40-yarder, and as a result, Greg Zuerlein missed the field goal, which would've trimmed the lead to 14-13.

CeeDee before the half – This is actually two plays, both involving rookie CeeDee Lamb on the Cowboys' last drive of the first half. The officials clearly missed a blatant hold/pass interference call on the Ravens as Lamb tried to break free for a long pass. That 15 yards or spot foul would've put the Cowboys in positon to kick a field goal, although it wasn't a given that Zuerlein would've made it, considering he missed three. But even on the final Hail Mary attempt, Lamb out-jumped the other players in the end zone and got both hands on the ball, but couldn't corral the pass, one that traveled over 60 yards in the air.

(Bonus) Can't contain Lamar on third down – After the Cowboys missed a field goal early in the third quarter, trailing 17-10, the defense had multiple chances to get off the field on the next possession. On a third-and-6 near midfield, the defense couldn't stop Jackson from picking up 7 yards and getting the first down. Later in the drive, it was third-and-10 and Jackson was able to run for 14 yards to the 20. On the next play, he threw his second touchdown pass to give the Ravens a 24-10 lead.

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