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Don't Forget These 5

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Don't forget these plays: LA penalty on 3rd-and-18   


LOS ANGELES – This game had plenty of big runs, long throws and some wild plays on special teams.

All in all, the Cowboys were on the right side of the game, winning with a late field goal, 20-17, at SoFi Stadium.

Here are some plays that might get overlooked but could've changed the course of the game.

Prescott 4-yard run before his TD – After the Chargers had already scored on the first drive of the game, the Cowboys desperately needed to answer. On third-and-5 from the Chargers' 22-yard line, Dak Prescott was nearly sacked but found a way to get up the field and scramble for four yards. That was close enough to leave the offense on the field, and on the next play Prescott kept the ball for a touchdown to tie the game.

Turpin's return leads to points – In the second quarter, the Chargers punted the ball to the Cowboys with just over a minute to play. KaVontae Turpin caught the ball back at his 14 but was able to slither his way up the field for 15 yards. That gave the Cowboys favorable position to drive down and eventually kick a field goal. Had they been backed up inside the 20-yard line, they might not have been so aggressive.

Herbert overthrows Allen again – It happened early in the game with Keenen Allen open down the left sideline, but once again Justin Herbert misfired on a deep ball to Allen in the fourth quarter, just after the Cowboys had grabbed a seven-point lead. While the Chargers eventually tied the game, a long touchdown there would've changed the momentum with plenty of time to still to play.

Chargers penalty on third-and-18 – With 5:52 left to play in the game, the Cowboys were pinned back at their own 17-yard line on third-and-18. But the Chargers were flagged for illegal contact, giving Dallas an automatic first down. The Cowboys were then able to use the new set of downs to drive for the go-ahead field goal.

Prescott to Cooks for 11 – On the Cowboys' game-winning drive, they had third-and-9 at the Chargers' 32-yard line with 3:35 to play. An incomplete pass would've set up a 50-yard field goal attempt for Brandon Aubrey, but Prescott found Brandin Cooks open for an 11-yard gain to the 21. Not only did the Cowboys eventually kick a shorter field goal, but they took another minute off the clock and the Chargers burned two more timeouts.

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