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Draft Mailbag: Who Are The 2nd-Round Options For Dallas?


With the first round not going as expected, luckily there are a plethora of talented defensive linemen still on the board. Which one do you think will fall to Dallas?

Bryan: My gut feeling that what is left on the board for the Cowboys along the defensive line, is Kony Ealy, Demarcus Lawrence, Scott Crichton, Timmy Jernigan and Trent Murphy. They will be hunting for a right defensive end on Day 2 and Lawrence is that guy. I would not be surprised, after what happened Thursday night with several players going off the board in front of, if they work the phones in the afternoon and do their best to make sure they have a shot to grab Lawrence at some point earlier than at No. 47.

Rowan: I really thought Dominique Easley would have been a strong possibility to fall given his injury history, but he's gone. Timmy Jernigan, Kony Ealy and Scott Crichton all come to mind for me, and I actually think it's possible two of them fall to Dallas. I like them in that order, and I'll say the latter two could fall there.

Why Zack Martin over the speedy wide receiver  Brandin Cooks the Saints got just four picks later? Seems like the Saints got more potent and the Cowboys did nothing to be better this year.

Bryan:I understand what you are asking here and it does make sense, but under your plan, I would have grabbed Marqise Lee out of USC. On my board, Cooks was a second-round player and Lee was in the first.  I like Cooks as a [embedded_ad] player but in my view, you could do more with Lee potentially as the lead dog in the sled, where there is some limitations of where you can truly line Cooks up down after down.

Rowan: I would argue that the Saints did get more potent AND the Cowboys got better this year. And if we're specifically concerned with the upcoming season, they got much better this year than they would have with any quarterback. I'm with you that Cooks is a dynamic player, but Dallas has been bolstering up the offensive line and felt it was a guard away from being completely solid. I really thought they'd trade out of the pick or find a way to address the defense, but I disagree that they did nothing to be better this year.

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