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Early Forecast


Name: David Moore
Current position: (Dallas Morning News)Cowboys beat reporter
Experience Covering NFL: 22 years
Player to Watch in 2010: Gerald Sensabaugh. This team needs to get more turnovers to take the next step up defensively. They're a good defense; to be a dominant defense they have to get turnovers and improve in that area. I think he would have had more last year if he didn't play five or six games with that cast on his hand.
Thoughts on Dez: Historically, very few rookie receivers have 1,000-yard seasons. So, I think that would probably be a bit of an unrealistic expectation. I think this is a guy who's going to get 700-800 yards receiving, six to seven touchdown receptions, and has good shot of returning one or two kicks for touchdowns this season.
Predicted Record: 11-5
Overall Forecast: Really the way last season unfolded, they had success for the first time in the playoffs for 12 seasons. But then the way they lost the last game I think still keeps that fire, that drive going that, 'Hey, we still have to do more.' I think you've seen that in this camp. I think they're as good as any team in the NFC going in.

Name: Newy Scruggs
Current position: Sports Director, NBC 5 Dallas
Experience Covering NFL: 14 years
Player to Watch in 2010: Anthon Spencer. If they're going to double and triple DeMarcus (Ware), and Spencer's got a free reign with a one-on-one block to the quarterback. If he beats that, he could rack up eight or 10 sacks more. Spencer off that other side is devastating.
Thoughts on Dez:If they can get production out of Dez like Percy Harvin last year, to me that's the bar. Remember (Sidney) Rice, (Bernard) Berrian, (Visanthe) Shiancoe, and then they had those packages in there with Percy Harvin. If they bring Dez along like that, I could see another year like that. That could translate into Rookie of the Year for him.
Predicted Record: 11-5
Overall Forecast: I think they will win the East again. I think Philly will be down, I think Washington will still need another year. But 11-5, that's a tough schedule. It's either 10 or 12 games against quarterbacks that have been to a Pro Bowl. It's a hellacious schedule.

Name: Tim MacMahon
Current position: (ESPN Dallas) Cowboys beat writer
Experience Covering NFL:4 years
Player to Watch in 2010: A guy whose role I think could increase and can make a major difference, I'll go with Felix Jones. I think Marion Barber will still be the starter, but Felix will end up being the lead horse. If they can get him 15 carries per game and if he can stay healthy, they have a major dynamic threat that hasn't been consistent the last couple seasons.
Thoughts on Dez:I think he's definitely an Offensive Rookie of the Year candidate, if not the front-runner. I'm not so sure he'll start this season. I think it'll be like Greg Ellis and Anthony Spencer in Ellis' last year, where the veteran stays in the starting role but the young buck gets more snaps and makes a greater impact.
Predicted Record: 11-5 or 12-4
Overall Forecast: I've got them winning the NFC East. I think they are a legitimate top-tier team, and should be in the mix to contend for a Super Bowl.

Name: Brady Tinker
Current position:Fox Southwest TV Personality
Experience Covering NFL: 19 years
Player to Watch in 2010: Akwasi Owusu-Ansah. He's a freaky athlete and it's a position of need for these guys. I think he is a phenomenal athlete, who created turnovers-galore at college, now it was at a smaller college. But he weighs 225 pounds, he runs a 4.3 forty, he has about a 40-inch vertical jump and he created turnovers like crazy in college. I just want to see him.
Thoughts on Dez: It's hard for a rookie to have 60 catches, 1,000 yards and nine touchdowns. But that might be the type of thing that, if it happens, is the difference maker on this team.
Predicted Record: 11-5
Overall Forecast: The schedule's really hard. I think they have to win all eight of their home games, which is do-able. And I think they have to try to win three or four of their road games. I think it'll probably be good enough to win the division. I'm worried about the Giants. I think the Giants will have a bounce-back season.

Name: Calvin Watkins
Current position: (ESPN Dallas) Cowboys beat reporter
Experience covering NFL: 5 years
Player to watch in 2010: "I'd really like to see what Felix Jones does. He's about to get increased snaps. Durability's always been an issue for him, but it appears it wasn't a problem for him at the end of last year. I'm really excited to see what he can do, because he's a really dynamic player."
Thoughts on Dez: I like Dez. He's a fantastic talent. I think Dez will be a starter here by the first game of the World Series. By October I think he'll be the starter. It'll be hard for teams to stop him, and it'll be hard for the Cowboys not to put him in the starting lineup.
Predicted record: 10-6
Overall Forecast: "I think the division will beat them up a little bit, but they'll win the division, finish 10-6, and get to the NFC Championship game.

Name: Joe Trahan
Current Position: WFAA Dallas Sports Reporter
Experience Covering NFL: 18 years
Player to watch in 2010: "I think Felix Jones has a breakout season. He's matured now. He's a stronger guy, body's matured. I think he's ready to carry a little bit more of the load, and I think they're ready to give it to him as well.
Thoughts on Dez: I think it will give Romo a big boost, because he's got great ball skills. I call it the moment of truth. Nanoseconds before the ball actually touches his hands, right at that moment of truth, there's some greatness there in Dez. I think that's going to carry him a long way.
Predicted Record: 11-5.
Overall Forecast: That's subject to no injuries. Throw the injury factor completely out. I'll give them 11-5, and I will give them the NFC East Championship.

Name: Babe Laufenberg
Current Position: KTVT/CBS Sports Director / Color Analyst for Cowboys radio broadcasts
Experience Covering NFL: 19 years
Player to watch in 2010: "It's going to be very interesting to see how Alan Ball does this year. I think he'll be fine. I thought he played well last year in his limited opportunities when he got the start there. I thought he came on.
Thoughts on Dez: He is the best rookie receiver that I personally have ever seen in terms of ability. Now, I wasn't watching Jerry Rice practice day in and day out.
Overall Forecast: I'm not a big fan of predictions, because things change. Injuries play such a huge part in it. Even though you see kind of the stars coming back, to me the misconception is that they're the same team. Teams change year to year, and I think we get mesmerized by the names on the back of the jerseys."

Name: Todd Archer
NFL Experience: 14 years
Current Position: Dallas Morning News columnist/blogger
Player to watch in 2010: "I think DeMarcus Ware is the staple to everything Wade does on defense. You need a pass rusher. You need a guy that can always get to the quarterback, and if they were to lose him, I think they'd be in trouble."
Thoughts on Dez: "He's been outstanding. It's good for him he doesn't have to be the 80-catch guy and carry the team. That's where I think most rookies struggle. But I think you've got a guy who can make a lot of plays out of nothing."
Predicted Record: 10-6
Overall Forecast:"I think it's a tough schedule, a really tough schedule especially toward the end. I think they'll be 10-6 and be a wild card team, but to disappoint everybody, I don't see them going to the Super Bowl. I think they can win a playoff game again."

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