Early Forecast

Name: Calvin Watkins
Current position: (ESPN Dallas) Cowboys beat reporter
Experience covering NFL: 5 years
Player to watch in 2010: "I'd really like to see what Felix Jones does. He's about to get increased snaps. Durability's always been an issue for him, but it appears it wasn't a problem for him at the end of last year. I'm really excited to see what he can do, because he's a really dynamic player."
Thoughts on Dez: I like Dez. He's a fantastic talent. I think Dez will be a starter here by the first game of the World Series. By October I think he'll be the starter. It'll be hard for teams to stop him, and it'll be hard for the Cowboys not to put him in the starting lineup.
Predicted record: 10-6
Overall Forecast: "I think the division will beat them up a little bit, but they'll win the division, finish 10-6, and get to the NFC Championship game.

Name: Joe Trahan
Current Position: WFAA Dallas Sports Reporter
Experience Covering NFL: 18 years
Player to watch in 2010: "I think Felix Jones has a breakout season. He's matured now. He's a stronger guy, body's matured. I think he's ready to carry a little bit more of the load, and I think they're ready to give it to him as well.
Thoughts on Dez: I think it will give Romo a big boost, because he's got great ball skills. I call it the moment of truth. Nanoseconds before the ball actually touches his hands, right at that moment of truth, there's some greatness there in Dez. I think that's going to carry him a long way.
Predicted Record: 11-5.
Overall Forecast: That's subject to no injuries. Throw the injury factor completely out. I'll give them 11-5, and I will give them the NFC East Championship.

Name: Babe Laufenberg
Current Position: KTVT/CBS Sports Director / Color Analyst for Cowboys radio broadcasts
Experience Covering NFL: 19 years
Player to watch in 2010: "It's going to be very interesting to see how Alan Ball does this year. I think he'll be fine. I thought he played well last year in his limited opportunities when he got the start there. I thought he came on.
Thoughts on Dez: He is the best rookie receiver that I personally have ever seen in terms of ability. Now, I wasn't watching Jerry Rice practice day in and day out.
Overall Forecast: I'm not a big fan of predictions, because things change. Injuries play such a huge part in it. Even though you see kind of the stars coming back, to me the misconception is that they're the same team. Teams change year to year, and I think we get mesmerized by the names on the back of the jerseys."

Name: Todd Archer
NFL Experience: 14 years
Current Position: Dallas Morning News columnist/blogger
Player to watch in 2010: "I think DeMarcus Ware is the staple to everything Wade does on defense. You need a pass rusher. You need a guy that can always get to the quarterback, and if they were to lose him, I think they'd be in trouble."
Thoughts on Dez: "He's been outstanding. It's good for him he doesn't have to be the 80-catch guy and carry the team. That's where I think most rookies struggle. But I think you've got a guy who can make a lot of plays out of nothing."
Predicted Record: 10-6
Overall Forecast:"I think it's a tough schedule, a really tough schedule especially toward the end. I think they'll be 10-6 and be a wild card team, but to disappoint everybody, I don't see them going to the Super Bowl. I think they can win a playoff game again."

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