Eatman: 5 Guys Flying Way Under The Radar

This roster is jammed full at 90 players. That's a lot of guys of course, but over the last few months, with a dozen practices and several other days trying to come up with stories to write, you'd think just about every guy is mentioned somewhere.

Either someone got twisted an ankle here, made a great catch there, or did anything to get mentioned in a possible position battle.

But with 90 players, a few can get overlooked. Maybe it's a bad thing, but maybe it's not the end of the world, considering how we like to mention guys who make mistakes or struggle.

Either way, here's a group of five guys who just haven't been heard from too much over the last month.

Maybe that will change for the better – or worse – come training camp.

G Harland Gunn – A rookie free agent from Miami, Gunn somewhat resembles fellow undrafted rookie Ron Leary, but Jerry Jones certainly didn't mention his name in the post-draft press conference like he did Leary. And he's definitely rotating first-team snaps at guard like Leary. Gunn needs to take advantage of those late preseason game snaps.

WR Donovan Kemp – There are a lot of players vying for those backup spots and even a few undrafted guys like Cole Beasley and Tim Benford have flashed potential. For now, Kemp hasn't really made any noise. For some positions, it's not always a bad thing, but receivers are one of the few spots where you can get noticed in a non-padded practice. Kemp, an undrafted rookie from UTEP, needs to come on strong at camp, especially in those first few practices when it's only rookies and quarterbacks out there.

LB Isaiah Greenhouse – He's the only player on this list who was actually here last year. But while Greenhouse made some news by switching positions and jersey numbers – moving from LB to FB, so far he's been rather quiet since he's moved back to LB. Then again, we haven't seen a ton of special teams drills. That's where Greenhouse will have to make his mark, and force the Cowboys to keep him because he's one of the best kick-covering players on the squad.

FB Jamize Olawale – You'd like being a local guy from North Texas, he'd get some attention. But that UNT love is going to fellow undrafted rookie RB Lance Dunbar. Olawale caught the Cowboys' attention in the rookie minicamp when he was invited as a tryout guy and ended up getting signed. So far, he hasn't really made a splash, especially since Lawrence Vickers is here, with 2011 draft pick Shaun Chapas behind him. Like many other rookies, big plays in preseason games and/or special teams is vital.

FS Eddie Whitley – The rookie from Virginia Tech is probably the most under-the-radar player on this entire team right now. And that's too bad considering safety has always needed an upgrade and Gerald Sensabaugh and Matt Johnson have missed most of the summer. What could help Whitley in the preseason games is special teams. Virginia Tech players have traditionally been good in the kicking game because it's of high importance at his school. But Whitley will need that, and a few big plays on specials teams to get over that radar.

Ok, so there's a handful of guys. Someone else who follows this team might have had a completely different five that likely would've includes guys such as LB Baraka Atkins, OT Tyrone Novikoff, LS Charley Hughlett, DE Ben Bass and OT Jeff Adams.

Then again, it's not always a bad thing to be on here. Some players are missing because they have been noticed – for all the wrong reasons.

Don't forget it's late June. Offseason work is over but the real stuff begins in late July. I wouldn't be surprised if a guy like Romo or Austin would've been on this same list when they were rookie free agents years ago.

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