Eight Games Of Cheering

Written by Brittany Schram

Christmas is just around the corner! And while most normal reactions would probably be something along the lines of "I can't believe Christmas is already here," I can't help but think, "Our last home game of the 2011 regular season is coming up!"

This football season has been full of so many wonderful firsts for me, and I am saddened to see it coming to an end so quickly. It seems like only yesterday I was a Training Camp Candidate, frazzled and frantic as I awaited my DCC fate. Then in one sudden swoop, I was preparing to cheer at Monday Night Football games and Enrique Iglesias halftime shows!

As a Rookie, I have learned that there is no amount of field practice, dance repetition or yard-line memorization that can prepare you for the rush that you get stepping onto the turf in the iconic star-spangled uniform and performing for America's Team. And as we prepare for our last home game of the regular season – complete with a Bieber fever medley Holiday Halftime extravaganza – I still struggle to contain my emotions on the field, and find myself holding back tears of joy and personal accomplishment throughout the games.

This holiday season I am humbly thankful for the friends and memories I have made thus far, both on and off the field. From chowing down on ribs for CMT's Top Secret Recipe (we were terrified of getting BBQ sauce on our uniforms!), to celebrating a very special day for chronically-ill children and their families at the Kidd's Kids Disney World Sendoff (growing up listening to Kidd Kraddick in the Morning added extra excitement!), to donning creepy masks and dancing backward to Thriller for Halloween Halftime (you wouldn't know it, but my mask broke just minutes before we hit the field! With the help of my teammates, I was able to fix it and evade a major panic attack), all in all, I couldn't pick just one favorite moment!

With seven regular-season home games under my star-studded belt, I'm starting to get the hang of the game-day routine. Early 6 a.m. call times, lengthy five minute halftime routines, grueling four hour practices, three action-packed-hour football games and two tryout attempts doesn't end with a partridge in a pear tree … but it does make for one very happy DCC!

I look forward to spending Christmas Eve supporting the 'Boys in our eighth and final home game of the 2011 regular season!

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