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Expensive Wish

!Nnamdi Asomugha has 11 interceptions in eight seasons, including eight in 2006.

We're talking about a guy who is probably going to demand a contract that exceeds what you just paid DeMarcus Ware (six-year extension in 2009 worth $78 million, including $40 million guaranteed).  

Whatever Asomugha gets, he'll probably be the highest-paid defender in the NFL, or at least right there close to Revis, who just signed what will likely be a four-year deal worth $46 million. It's actually a seven-year contract, but it voids down to four if Revis doesn't hold out between now and then.  

Regardless of the specific numbers, Asomugha will get paid - big time.  

And we all know that if there is free agency this summer, that probably means there will be a salary cap to go with it.  

If the Cowboys are going to be players for any big-name free agent, they're going to have to clear off some cap space. That means potential players to be cut would be guys like Marion Barber, Roy Williams, Leonard Davis, Marc Colombo and Terence Newman.  

Now, not all of those guys will actually save cap space. In fact, some of them will actually force the Cowboys to lose money.  

But think about it - does it really make sense to cut all of those players, or even most of them, to clear off cap room to go and sign one really good cornerback. And let's not forget he'll be 30 years old when the season starts.  

If the Cowboys cut Leonard Davis - they'll need a guard. 

If the Cowboys cut Roy Williams - they'll need another receiver.  

If the Cowboys cut Marc Colombo - they'll need a right tackle. 

If the Cowboys cut Marion Barber - they'll need at least another tailback.  

If the Cowboys cut Terence Newman - they'll need another cornerback. 

And while you can fill that need with Asomugha, what about the others? You can't expect to fill every need in the draft. Recent draft history here suggests that won't happen.  

The Cowboys just have a lot of needs to fill. Getting a 30-year-old cornerback, as great as he might be, doesn't really make a lot of sense.  

Don't compare him to Deion Sanders back in 1995. That Cowboys' team was 12-4 the year before and Jerry Jones felt they were indeed one player away from getting back on top. And by taking him from the 49ers, it made them worse and the Cowboys better in one move. And it paid off by the Cowboys winning the Super Bowl that next season.  

But this isn't the same situation. The Cowboys aren't one player away. They're about four or five.  

Don't get me wrong. I think the Cowboys should at least test the waters when it comes to all big-name free agents, including Asomugha. But this team just isn't in the position to go out and break the bank for one guy when they need so much more.      

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