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Flying Solo

seemed to work more in their favor.  

The point is, the Cowboys haven't had an abundance of favorable bounces or breaks. 

Aside from a questionable spot in Philadelphia that prevented an Eagles first down, or maybe last week's dropped pass by the Saints (although the Cowboys were still up three touchdowns), you can't call them a very lucky team.  

Yet, they're still 9-5. They're still two wins away from hosting a playoff game. And yet, they've gotten this far by taking care of business - they're own business.  

So why start with anything else now? Why expect to get any outside help from other teams.  

It's just not going to happen. This isn't an easy time of year, so don't expect the Cowboys to get anything easy. And that's fine.  

Root against the Giants, Eagles or Packers if you want to, it won't matter. Expect the Redskins to play like chumps again this week, but they won't.  

If there's been a theme to this season, it's that the Cowboys are pretty much on their own. And that's fine - they really don't need any other help.  

At this point, the Cowboys can wrap their own presents and open them in two weeks. They don't need any gifts from anyone else, which is good because they probably won't get any.  

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