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Forget This

!Doug Free would keep the Cowboys from drafting a tackle in the first round.

hear the rumor Marion Barber could be available via trade, but that seems unlikely. It was just two years ago when the Cowboys gave Barber a seven-year, $45 million deal, and only last month when they funded his $4 million roster bonus. It's not good business to pay a former Pro Bowl player who's only going to turn 27 in June, and then turn right around and trade him for mid-to-late draft picks. Maybe Barber's role will be altered, but he should be back. Likewise, the Cowboys won't be drafting a running back either. For a couple of years now the team's decision-makers have hinted they wouldn't mind having another runner, but there are so many other needs to be filled it just seems like too great an excess to add a fourth guy. Fullback is a different story, though, given the uncertainty surrounding Deon Anderson's situation.

If Available, The Cowboys Would Pick Dez Bryant

Opinions differ greatly on when Bryant will be picked, but some of the most plugged-in draft experts predict a monumental fall for the underclassman wide receiver from Oklahoma State. If he slipped into the late teens the Cowboys would have to consider trading up, and if he got all the way to No. 27 they wouldn't think twice about picking him. In 2009, the Cowboys' offense moved the ball but had trouble scoring points at times - Bryant's 19 touchdowns as a sophomore suggest he could change that. He's probably the only player at an offensive skill position who the team would spend its first pick to get. After meeting Bryant during his tour of Valley Ranch, I think the concerns over his character have been exaggerated. He might need a little more guidance than other players at times, but Bryant is probably the one player in this draft who could help put the Cowboys over the top next year. They wouldn't have a choice but to draft him.

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