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Former Cowboys CB Breaks Down Packers Match-Up

Cowboys Offense vs. Packers Defense:
When the Cowboys are on offense, I'm looking at the wide receiver match-ups. Patrick Crayton and Terrell Owens against Al Harris and Charles Woodson. This will be key. These guys are unlike Philadelphia. They're in your face, bump-and-run corners. They're going to have to get off the bump-and-run and make some plays. That's going to be the key match-up to me. The Packers' cornerbacks don't follow you around. They stay on their side. And Marion Barber isn't going to rush for 200 yards. The Packers' linebackers A.J. Hawk and Nick Barnett are so good, that Owens and Crayton will have to get off the press coverage. Last week, they didn't have to do that, but this week, Green Bay will press half the game, just to re-route them. Crayton and Owens, and Miles Austin when he's in the game, have to beat the press coverage.

Packers Offense vs. Cowboys Defense:
I want to see how Greg Ellis and DeMarcus Ware do against Chad Clifton of the Packers. I would expect the Packers to double Ware a lot. If they can put Ellis and Clifton one-on-one, it's going to be a key match-up for the defense. If Ellis can apply pressure, they can't double DeMarcus on every play. We saw that last week. I think it's going to be the same thing again. Greg is going to have to pull them out of the double-team. Every team is going to keep doing it until he's able to get back there.

The Cowboys Win If . . .
They don't make mistakes. No stupid penalties. No turnovers. Keep the football. On defense, they have to create a few turnovers. It's going to be important to keep their offense off the field. Turnovers are going to be big in this game. But the Cowboys are just the better team. No question. Player for player, the Cowboys are a much better team. They just can't beat themselves.

The Packers Win If . . .
Tony Romo throws interceptions, especially in the red zone. And if the Cowboys' defense, particularly the secondary, allows the Packers to score quick on easy plays - on play-action, deep balls like they gave up last week to DeSean Jackson. The Cowboys have to watch that. This group of receivers are much better than Philly's group.

Larry's Favorite Packers Memory:
I've got a favorite for sure. The first game I played against Green Bay in 1991 was against an All-Pro receiver, Sterling Sharpe. I was young in my career, and I had an awesome game. We didn't back down. Our coaches didn't water down the game plan for me. It was one of my better games. Coach Jimmy Johnson told me it was my best game. I had only played four games up to that point, but he said I played my best game. It was the first time I ever heard him say anything good about me. It came against the Packers.

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