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Former Cowboys TE Gavin Escobar Dies At Age 31


The Cowboys have lost yet another member of their family, and again, in apparent tragic form.

Former tight end Gavin Escobar was among two people found dead in rock-climbing accident in California.

Escobar, 31, was identified by the Riverside (Calif.) sheriff's coroner's office. Earlier this year, Escobar began working for the Long Beach Fire Department. According to the LBFD, Escobar leaves behind a wife and two young children.

"Obviously very sad, tragic," Cowboys head coach Mike McCarthy said Friday. "All the individuals that worked with Gavin, he's obviously heavy on everybody's heart today. I personally did not know him, but just sitting down there talking with (associate athletic trainer/director of rehabilitation) Britt (Brown) and (head athletic trainer) Jim (Maurer) and the guys that knew him, talking about his experience and what type of guy he was, and frankly the fact that he was a fireman, that definitely touches my heart also. Young children left behind. Obviously it's very sad to see that tragedy."

Drafted in the second round by the Cowboys in 2013, Escobar played four years with the Cowboys, before playing one season in Baltimore. Escobar also had brief stints with the Browns, Dolphins and Chiefs. He had 30 career receptions and eight touchdowns – all with the Cowboys.

Tragically, this year the Cowboys have lost numerous former players, coaches, scouts and members of the support staff.

Among the deaths this year include Escobar, Hall of Famer Rayfield Wright, Ring of Honor member Don Perkins along with Dan Reeves, Marion Barber and Ralph Neely. The Cowboys also lost former scouting director Larry Lacewell, former offensive coordinator Ernie Zampese, former RB coach Gary Brown and Marylyn Love, who served as Jerry Jones' assistant for over 40 years.