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Fourth Of July

Thinking back to all of the exciting experiences I have had on the Dallas Cowboys Rhythm and Blue dance team, one of the most memorable experiences would hands down have to be my first time performing in the nationally recognized Dallas Cowboys uniform as a rookie. It is an adrenaline rush you will never forget! You prepare for hours on hours for just a few moments of showcasing your hard work. My first time dancing with DCRB was two years ago at Dallas Hip-Hop Fest. All of the excitement, nerves, and pressure are something so rewarding that I can hardly put it into words. I decided to ask the three rookies that were selected for Fourth of July Appearances in Fort Worth and Frisco to share their treasured first memory of performing with their fellow teammates. 

"This Fourth of July was the first Fourth of July I've spent away from my family, however, it was one of the most memorable ones because it was my first performance as a Dallas Cowboys Rhythm & Blue Dancer. I wasn't sure what the Frisco crowd would have in store for the day, but I was more than ready to dance with a few of my teammates! Looking back, there is no way to describe that first performance. My favorite part of the day besides dancing with my teammates, was the excitement I witnessed in the children's faces when we danced and after when they were able to take a picture with us. After this past Fourth of July, I can't wait for football season to start! Hope all the Cowboys fans are ready for what we have this season!" ~Mirezha Guevara

"What's a better way to celebrate Fourth of July then to experience it dancing with the Dallas Cowboys Rhythm & Blue Dancers for the first time? There is nothing like doing something you love for amazing people and most importantly amazing fans. This time was a little more special because it was my first time dancing in my DCRB uniform. I was super nervous but excited. Once we got into our dressing area the nerves seriously kicked in as we were getting ready to walk through the crowd to our performance area. I quickly learned we would be dancing six times that night and I was really scared after hearing that. Dancing, signing autographs, and getting to converse with the fans that night was amazing. My favorite part was seeing everyone's reaction on their faces to certain moves in the choreography that was really unique and cool. After the appearance was over having them rush to us for last chance photos was a cool adrenaline rush and only made me more excited to experience game day. Now that I have not only experienced my first appearance and performance with DCRB I feel like I have taken my first steps walking. I am most definitely ready for what's to come in the upcoming season."~Marcus Sophus

"When I found out I was chosen for the first appearance of the season I couldn't wait to finally put on my uniform for the first time. It all seemed so surreal! As I was driving to the event I was thanking God for this experience, as well as practicing the dance over and over again in my head because I didn't want to mess up. As we were walking towards the stage area, I was overwhelmed by the amount of positivity and love from the crowd and couldn't help but feel blessed. Once we made it on stage, after autographing pictures of the team and taking pictures with fans, we put on a great show. I could feel the energy from the crowd, and saw that they were having a good time. Even the hot weather couldn't stop us from having an amazing experience! Overall, I loved my first appearance as a rookie. I'm still in on cloud 9 and never expected for something so great to happen to me. Thank you to everyone who contributed in making this event possible and letting me and my fellow teammates perform as part of the 4th of July celebration." ~ Carlos Hernandez 

It is great to be able to look into the new rookie's perspectives on their first appearance to see how they felt, looked, etc. I cannot wait to hear all of the other first memories they will have on our team. The memories that last a lifetime have just begun!

Go Cowboys,


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