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Frederick Diagnosed With Guillian Barré Syndrome


FRISCO, Texas – After several days of evaluation, Travis Frederick has provided some insight on his health.

Frederick released a statement on Wednesday evening, disclosing some information from his consultations with medical professionals:

"After a very extensive examination and discovery process over the past few weeks, I have been diagnosed with having Guillain Barré Syndrome, which is an auto immune disease. In the last 48 hours, I have received two treatments that address my condition, and I am feeling much better from an overall strength perspective. I will continue these treatments over the next few days. I am very optimistic about my condition and the immediate future, as I have been told that the illness was detected at a fairly early stage. My doctors have told me that it is not possible to determine a time table for a return to the field right now, but I am hopeful that I will be able to play as soon as possible. 

"I am deeply grateful for all of the people who have expressed concern for me throughout the past four weeks, and my teammates and the Cowboys organization have provided me and my family with tremendous support."

Frederick initially visited a specialist in Los Angeles last week after battling stingers for several days. Upon the team's return to Texas, he underwent several more evaluations.

It's a bit challenging to unpack what exactly that means for the Cowboys going forward, given that Frederick himself doesn't have a time table for his return. Joe Looney is the team's backup center and has been working with the starting offense during Frederick's absence.

It stands to reason that Looney will function as the starter for the time being – but that comes with some challenges of its own. Looney and Marcus Martin were signed during free agency to provide depth on the interior of the offensive line. But Martin was moved to injured reserve last week with a toe injury, and Looney's move into the starter spot doesn't leave the Cowboys with much in the way of depth.

If that weren't enough, Zack Martin is currently recovering from the hyperextended knee he suffered on Saturday night and is unlikely to see the field until the regular season.

The Cowboys signed a third center in undrafted rookie Jacob Ohnesorge earlier this week. They also have reserves in Kadeem Edwards and Damien Mama behind the starting guards, Martin and Connor Williams.

Starters typically don't play at all during the fourth and final game of the NFL preseason, and it's been suggested that the Cowboys' starters may play a reduced role in Sunday's game against Arizona. If that's the case, it's going to leave a heavy workload in this final week before roster cuts.

It's far too soon to project the future for Travis Frederick, but it appears the Cowboys' offensive line will have its work cut out getting through the final week of the preseason.