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Getting To Know: Todd Lowber

Name: Todd Lowber
Position: Wide Receiver
Number: 16 Height/Weight: 6-3, 205
Age: 26
College: Ramapo College
NFL Exp: 1st Year
How Acquired: FA-'08
Hometown: Camden, N.J.

Fitting In: Lowber appears to have a steep hill to climb to make the Cowboys' 53-man roster. With just a few years of football experience, Lowber would be hard pressed to leap frog several rookies including Danny Amendola for a sixth wide receiver spot and may have to find his home on the practice squad for the upcoming season.
So Far: Lowber was brought in to fill Terry Glenn's spot on the 80-man roster for training camp and has shown the athletic ability to play at the professional level. But after no college football experience and just one season in the NFL, Lowber's rawness is evident in his route running.
Best Asset: Speed. Lowber not only has a basketball background, but has a tremendous amount of speed that allows him to separate from defensive backs. "Speed hurts in this game," Lowber said, "you can't contain that and you can't teach that, so as long as I have that attribute I'll be OK."
You Should Know: Lowber is a fan of musician John Mayer. He listens to a lot of his music and his favorite song is "Covered in Rain."
A Mouthful: "I've learned a substantial amount from going from New York learning from Plaxico Burress and Amani Toomer and now to T.O. Obviously these guys are the best guys in the game so there's no replacement for learning from people like that."

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