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Here's The Real Deal

think you are seeing more of what he was." 

Not good, not good at all. 

But on the other hand, I'm guessing the Philadelphia Eagles don't like these numbers, and remember these are from only three games: Terry Glenn, 15 catches, 229 yards, 3 touchdowns. That, my friends, factors out over a 16-game season to 80 catches for 1,221 yards and 16 touchdowns. 

Glenn, you say? Not T.O.? 

Well, hear me out. 

Now I know the Eagles' coaching staff is not trite enough to think if they stop T.O. they will stop the Cowboys. Nor will those coaches get carried away emotionally making sure Owens doesn't have a big day upon his return. 

But hey, players have to play, and you know darn well the Eagles don't want T.O. to end up dancing at The Linc. Regardless if they want to or not, they will become T.O. conscious. Especially the safeties. 

Also, look at it this way: If the Eagles think they can handle the Cowboys' running game with a seven-man front, meaning they will play a cover-2, and good luck with all that, then they can have a safety over the top of T.O. and Glenn. But, if Jason Witten starts to do business underneath, and a safety has to help there, where do you think the other safety is going to go? 

Yep, to Owens' side. 

Enter Glenn, as he has so far in the first three games. 

"Terry Glenn has been a thorn in our side the past few years," Eagles cornerback Sheldon Brown said knowingly the other day in Philly. 

Here is what Brown probably knows, too. In the Cowboys' 33-10 victory over Philly the first time around last year, Glenn had seven catches for 118 yards and two touchdowns. In the second game, a 21-20 Cowboys' come-from-behind victory, Glenn caught the all-important, fourth-quarter, 20-yard touchdown pass to narrow the Eagles' lead to 20-14 with 3:04 remaining. Four Eagles plays later, Roy Williams picked off McNabb for a 46-yard interception return for a touchdown to give the Cowboys the victory. 

A thorn, no doubt. 

The Cowboys tend to scratch their heads when Glenn is left in single coverage, but they certainly don't mind. He has been the one guy on this team since arriving in 2003 from Green Bay for a sixth-round pick - A what? - who can beat people with his pure speed. 

Teams must know that, but somehow he continues to get behind defenses, last year averaging 18.3 yards a catch, second in the NFL. 

"And sometimes he's beating double coverage," Bledsoe says. "Now, teams have to devote two guys to covering Terry and T.O. during the course of the game." 

Telling you, though, over the Eagles' dead bodies will they allow Owens to beat them this day. Not after all this. Not after last year. I'm guessing it will be an insult to their manhood if they allow Julius Jones to go for another 100 yards. And if they start blitzing, leaving only a safety in coverage or if the Cowboys start utilizing their empty formations to spread out the Eagles' defense, then they can't double everyone. 

Thus, T.G., you da' man. 

And I'm guessing the Cowboys are hoping the Eagles will be little different than the media. Should have seen Wednesday, with like 50 people crowded around T.O. for the lone day of the week he does one of those mass interview sessions. While T.O. was going on and on, Glenn walked uninterrupted to his locker, got a few things and walked out. 

No one noticed. No one paid him any attention. No one said a word to him. 

That's the way it's been, it seems around here, since he arrived. He doesn't seem to mind, although today was a little touché when he retraced his steps about the same time, and when someone tried to stop him, Glenn said smiling as he quickened his pace not wanting to talk, "What, T.O. ain't here today?" 

Good one. 

So look, once you pull the curtain back on this game being built into Game of the Decade status, if McNabb has a big day, Eagles win. If Glenn has a big day, Cowboys win. That simple. 

Don't worry about all that other stuff, for as Terence Newman says, "It's funny to me. Humorous." 

Or as Parcells said of this week's and Sunday's anticipated hoopla, "It's part of what makes the NFL interesting. It's good . . . it's good. It's almost like they like

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