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How About A Just-Win

rehashing that right now. We all should know that if they don't take care of this Atlanta, Seattle, Green Bay, Philadelphia, Washington and Oakland business that stands before them between now and Thanksgiving, that nothing will matter at all come December. Lose four of the next six games and the final month of the season means squat.  

The season is definitely right now. Not because they need to beat a good team, although for confidence reasons it probably doesn't hurt, considering they will face teams better than Atlanta this year and not in front of 90,000 people cheering for them.  

They do need to beat an NFC team that could possibly have some meaning later in the season. You'd hate to get that far in the schedule and have a loss like this one hanging over their head.  

But more than anything else, the Cowboys just need to win the game because it's the only one staring them smack-dab in the face.  

OK, so the Falcons have a good, young quarterback that might end up being one of the best in the league for years to come. And yes, they have a running back that smashes like Marion and can run like Felix. And they have a tight end that has done everything Jason Witten has done, but for a little while longer and a little bit better.  

Yes, the Falcons are good, but certainly beatable, especially at home and with so much at stake.  

So for the Cowboys this week . . . no, they don't need to win. No, it's not a must-win, but more like a "just-win."  

So that's it, just win.              

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