How Cowboys Added Some Juice

  Felix Jones.
  Pacman Jones.
  Zach Thomas.
  The real Tank Johnson.
  A full-time Marion Barber.
  Orlando Scandrick.
  Mike Jenkins.
  Isaiah Stanback.
  Tashard Choice.


  Let me see, the stats after film review say Zach Thomas had 12 tackles in his Cowboys debut. Scandrick and Jenkins played a lot more than you probably noticed if you weren't one of the 73,000 at Cleveland Browns Stadium, and the only time you knew they were in there was the time Scandrick got called for that hands-to-the-face penalty. 

  That's a good thing, especially when limiting your opponent to just 114 yards passing. At lot of someones had to be doing something right. 

  Let's see, you had Stanback catching his first two NFL passes, Barber just doing Barber, and would have gone for more than 100 yards had he not suffered what appears to be rib-cartilage damage, although head coach Wade Phillips seems to think he will practice this week, no problem. Plus, as Phillips points out, two of his 16 runs (80 yards) were one-yarders, the end zone doing a better job of stopping him than the Browns. 

  And Tank was a tank in the middle during his time rotating in with Jay Ratliff. 

  Then, on top of all that, did you see who the Cowboys turned to when it came time to run out the clock? Uh, that would be Choice, gaining 26 yards on five carries while mostly worried about protecting the football. 

  Now you might want to say, 'Come on, these were just the Browns,' and that's fine. It's a long season, although I'm rather amused since there would be some trying to make a big deal out of the Eagles' opening 38-3 victory without discounting their home win by saying it was only the Rams. 

  Oh, and another thing about those at-all-costs cries for that speed receiver. Remind me here, who was it that caught that 35-yard touchdown pass behind everyone? Oh yeah, it was the 34-year-old wide receiver. And who was it averaging 17.4 yards a catch? Oh yeah, the 13-year veteran wide receiver.  

  And without adding that much-needed receiver this off-season, do I have this right? The Cowboys top three receivers, Terrell Owens, Jason Witten and Patrick Crayton, combined for 17 catches covering 265 yards and averaging, mind you, 15.5 a catch? 

  Just think how those totals might have grown if the Cowboys hadn't shut it down in the fourth quarter, grinding out the final 10:13 after the Browns sliced their lead to 28-10, never ever giving them the ball back. 

  So maybe to totally appreciate just what the Cowboys did this off-season you need to have taken a six-month vacation on South Beach, because upon return, after seeing Felix run the way he ran, watching Pacman do his thing, along with the young corners, and all the other "juice" the Cowboys added, I'm guessing you would have been right there with K.D. 

  You, too, would have gone wow.                                                                                   

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