Icing Timeout Showed Pierre-Paul The Way

Two weeks in a row a last-second timeout wiped away what would've been a good field goal by kicker Dan Bailey at the end of regulation.

In Arizona his second try came up just short after Jason Garrett killed the clock to slow things down for his special teams unit, but Sunday night his kick was blocked after New York's Tom Coughlin stopped the clock at the last second.

While Coughlin's timeout may not have "iced" Bailey, because it appeared his kick on Sunday started on line, it did have the effect of showing defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul the best way to get his hand in to tip the ball.

"The first one, the guard (Montrae Holland) blocked me," Pierre-Paul said. "He's a strong cat, you know? He was heavy, I couldn't push him. So the second one, I was like, man, I have to push through the center to at least try to get the blocked kick. I gave great effort and blocked the kick. I didn't go through the guard. I stepped left and blocked through the center."

By sliding over to get a push on long snapper L.P. Ladouceur, Pierre-Paul was able to get just enough penetration to block the kick with a fingertip.

"I thought we were going into overtime," Pierre-Paul said. "I guess coach called a timeout. He did the best thing for the team. The second field goal, well, you saw what happened last week, too."

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