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Identity Crisis

!Leonard Davis says the Cowboys' offense is physical, but can move the ball in two ways.

advantage, definitely," Davis said. "Most teams don't have that. They don't have the weapons to throw and run the ball. It's usually one or the other, and they use the weapons they've got and hope they don't have to fall back on the other.  

"We've got the weapons. Most of the time we try to keep it balanced. We can move the ball, throw it and run it, that's our thing. It keeps the defense on their heels." 

Davis and the offensive line take heat because the ground game hasn't been this dominant group, and that's true. Meanwhile, Tony Romo has been sacked only once and is averaging over 300 yards per game passing.  

"People may say, 'Ah, the Cowboys, they're not physical,'" Davis said. "Anytime you can take a pass set and put guys down on the ground in the passing game, in all honesty, do you not call that physical? There's something to be said for that, knocking guys down in the passing game. Not a lot of people can do that." 

Not a lot of teams can do what the Cowboys do. They've been a winning team, and should be again this year once things even out. They'll find a way. 

So forget identity. The Cowboys will be all right so long as they don't become known as the team that turns the ball over too much and commits holding penalties while throwing game-winning touchdown passes.   

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