James: Bills' Jackson Best RB In The Game

If there's one thing we know, it's that the Cowboys defense is task-focused this week. Not only do they know what their own problem is - stopping the run - they understand how good Buffalo is at moving the ball on the ground themselves.

While not a familiar player for Cowboys defenders, Fred Jackson has quickly caught their eye. Linebacker Bradie James said the Arlington, Texas native is the best back in the NFL at this time.

"They have the best rusher in the game right now, Action Jackson," James said. "He's doing real well. He runs behind his pads real well. He's mobile. And I really hadn't had a chance to really check him out until last week, and he's the real deal. He's the full package. We have our work cut out for us because we've given up a couple 100-yard rushing game, so we've got to hone in on what we need to do defensively. We have to stop the run to give us a chance to win the game."

After a great start to the season as a run-stopping unit, the Cowboys have had two awful weeks in a row. The first was somewhat understandable, as Philadelphia boasts the league's best ground game, but Sunday's opponent, the Seahawks, are ranked right at the bottom of the league.

Behind great running from Jackson, who averages 5.4 yards per carry, Buffalo's ground game ranks fifth in the NFL. The Cowboys' reason for confidence rests on the fact they have stopped good running backs already this season.

"We didn't go from 1 to 32, so we'll be fine," James said. "Everybody has to just be on the same page as far as our run fits. Sometimes those things happen where guys get out of gaps. So this is a great time for us to correct some things and definitely hone in on what we've kind of let get away from us."

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