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Jerry: Garrett Is "Just Getting Started Here"

It is a question that is probably being asked by someone in 29 or 30 of the 32 NFL cities at this time of year. Is the head coach's job in jeopardy?

Even Jason Garrett, in his first full year as the Cowboys' boss, is being questioned in some circles on the heels of the team's current two-game losing streak. But Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, making his weekly radio appearance on The Fan (105.3-FM) in Dallas, wouldn't dignify the possibility with a response.

"Well, that's not a question that is in my mind kind of worth responding to, but the answer is no," Jones said. "We're just getting started here."

For fans especially, it's been hard to take the Cowboys losing leads in five of six losses this year. Things hit a new low on Sunday, in the biggest game of the season thus far. It didn't decide the Cowboys' fate, however, as they still hold their own destiny.

"I do understand their concern, and I would agree that we've had a difficult time this year closing out," Jones said. "We've had some games that we should have, if you look back at it from that perspective, won.

"I do think, though, that we're tied for the lead. It is December, I think that we've got the fourth-highest rated quarterback in the NFL, passer rating, Tony Romo. He played an outstanding game the other day."

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