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Jerry Jones: Frederick Was "Core Piece" of O-Line


Cowboys owner/GM Jerry Jones had nothing but high praise for Travis Frederick, who announced his sudden retirement on Monday.

While Frederick issued his own statement, Jones soon followed, reflecting on Frederick's importance to the line, but also the character and leadership he provided as well.

Here is Jerry Jones' full statement on the retirement of Frederick:

Travis Frederick, by the nature of his center position, was the core piece of what I believe to be one of the most talented and skilled NFL offensive lines that has been assembled.

His leadership ability, production and intelligence put him at the top level of interior offensive linemen in our league for many years. At the pinnacle of his success, his career on the field was only exceeded by a rare display of courage and determination in overcoming a life-threatening illness and returning to the game—a challenge that could only be completed by a person with rare levels of perseverance and strength.

As a contributor to our community, a family man and a professional person, he has distinguished himself as an exemplary representative of this organization. And for the rest of his life, when his name is mentioned in the same sentence with the Dallas Cowboys, he will be lifting the standards of excellence and esteem that has characterized the history of our proud franchise.