Jerry Jones Mum On Proposed Move To Frisco Until Monday


OAKLAND – Decisions impacting the Cowboys' potential headquarters location change could be coming as soon as Monday.

Cowboys owner/general manager Jerry Jones declined to elaborate until then, but the team's proposed relocation to Frisco, will become a matter of public record when the Frisco city council votes on the matter at a special session Monday night.

"I can't – the protocol here is for the council to address it, the leaders there, the city leaders to address it," Jones said following the Cowboys' loss to Oakland on Friday. "We are moving toward a time when we can all take a look at it – they'll all review it – but that's about all I can say about that."

Speculation has swirled this year that Jones intends to move the team facility from Valley Ranch in Irving – where the team has been located since 1983. Frisco has been considered one of several candidates along with Irving and Arlington, where the team built its new stadium in 2009.

Jones declined to fuel the speculation from the bowels of Coliseum, but he said the time for those conversations will be soon.


"I think that we're close enough to Monday, and the right thing for everybody concerned here is to let the council, let the leadership look at everything, evaluate it and make their decision and we'll go from there. And that's going to be happening sooner rather than later," he said.

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