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Jerry Jones Returns to Office as Cowboys Re-Open


FRISCO, Texas – For the first time in over two months, the NFL is allowing teams to reopen their doors for business.

And with that, Jerry Jones didn't need to be told twice.

The Cowboys owner and general manager was at The Star in Frisco early Tuesday morning, the first time NFL clubs could return to their facilities if they met their own state requirements to reopen non-essential businesses. Jones was in his own office, participating in a virtual owners meeting conference call with other front-office leaders from around the league.

"This is a big day for clubs all over the NFL and for our league as a whole, a big day for sports in general, a day for building confidence," Jones said. "It's great to be back in the office this morning. I thought there was no better place for me to participate in our virtual League meeting today than right here at my desk at The Star."

Since Texas is one of the first states to publicly re-open, the Cowboys are allowed to open the door for up to 75 employees.

But not every state has passed the same guidelines, so to keep a competitive balance around the league, the NFL is not permitting coaches in the building. In addition, only players who are currently undergoing medical treatment or rehabilitation are allowed to enter.

Today, Jones led a small group of Cowboys employees back to The Star. However, by next week representatives from nearly every other department should return to work as well.

"In the days and weeks ahead I look forward to welcoming so many of our employees back to the workplace," Jones said.

Club officials said the Cowboys will be taking every health and safety precaution necessary to comply with NFL and local and statewide health and government standards as the organization welcomes more employees back to The Star.

"We are going to are going to be deliberate but also determined. We will keep a close eye on the comfort and care of all of our employees who will be involved in this transition. We are committed to doing that in a smart and safe way that complies with all of the appropriate health and workplace safety standards," Jones said. "We'll do it the right way."