Just Maybe All's Not Lost

overtime thriller over the Giants at the Meadowlands.

And for sure you remember the 13-3 1992 season, the Cowboys' first Super Bowl season in 14 years. How's this for history repeating itself? The Cowboys climbed to 11-2 that season with a narrow, 31-27 victory at Denver, where Jimmy Johnson read Charles Haley the riot act in the locker room bathroom area at halftime, sending the Cowboys to RFK with a chance to clinch the NFC East with a victory over the defending Super Bowl champion Redskins.

They led comfortably, 17-7, going into the second half, only to get shut out and allow the Redskins to score the final 13 points of the game, including the game-winning seven late in the fourth quarter when Danny Copeland recovered a Troy Aikman fumble in the end zone for a touchdown.

Jimmy was so mad he cut off meal service on the charter flight home. Word is, not a player left his seat the rest of the way home.

You know what? Despite showing they were a tad human that season, the Cowboys then won their final two, clinching the division at Atlanta the following Monday night and then clocking the Bears to finish off the season before streaking through the playoffs to win Super Bowl XXVII by outscoring their three opponents 116-47.

This by no means is suggesting the same will occur this season. Who knows? But the point is, just because you lose a tight game to the Eagles doesn't mean there is no hope. And just because you lose a game late in the season to jeopardize home-field advantage throughout, doesn't mean you can't go on the road to win. See Cowboys 30, 49ers 20, at the stadium formerly known as Candlestick that same 1992 season.

A maddening loss on Sunday, you bet. But hey, it's the first time the Cowboys have lost a game they have been favored to win all year.

So now we find out if they have the stomach for the final two-game fray, and this won't be easy playing the final two on the road. We find out if you've got stomach enough to watch after salivating for this chance all these years.

Hey, you have watched for 14 weeks. What's changed?

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