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Kicking Off The First Home Game!

Written by Cassie Trammell

The squad is extremely busy right now in preparation for the Monday Night Football game, our first home game of the regular season! We have been rehearsing constantly, and had tons of activities and appearances going on this weekend.

This weekend alone, I personally had a booked schedule. On Saturday I was rehearsing and performing with the Show Group for an event at Cowboys Stadium. Next, on Sunday we shot a promotional video for Monday Night Football in the morning hours, and after that, several of us appeared in various places throughout the stadium.

The appearance was for a rally day event at the stadium, in which anyone could purchase a ticket to tour the entire stadium and meet a few Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders along the way. Some girls signed squad photos while others posed for pictures with fans. Later, the rest of the squad joined us at the stadium for an open rehearsal. After the long day of filming, having an appearance and rehearsing, we were ready to do the real thing at the game Monday night!

Monday night games are usually some of my most memorable of the season because of all of the excitement from fans. As you can see, we are as busy as ever.

We are also staying on top of things by getting ready for our second home game against the Lions. On top of our pregame performance and four quarter-change performances, we will be performing our swing halftime and wearing pink to show our support for breast cancer survivors. We do a mixture of songs, from Christina Aguilera to Hairspray numbers. With the help of DFW cheerleaders and dancers, it's a very fun, exciting halftime full of dancing, tumbling, stunting and lots more.

Along with that halftime, we are also working on my favorite halftime ever … our Halloween performance! The rookies are learning first from videos that we emailed them, and then we will all go over it as a group and perfect it. I will admit that I will also be learning from the video again because I am not the kind of person that can learn a long routine within a week or two of performing it, and then remember it off the top of my head the next year. Once we start working on our Thanksgiving or Christmas halftime performance, I lose all other choreography that we don't do too often.

Obviously each and every one of the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders love what we do. We put so much time and effort into each game, performance and so much more. It is a stressful time of year, but I wouldn't have it any other way.

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