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JOSH TIPTON – Tulsa, Okla.
Seeing that the Cowboys have taken care of most there needs via free agency, I see it to be almost a lock they will draft a pass rusher at #14. Do you guy's agree?

To me, there is no OLB or DE that is a true difference maker worthy of the 14th pick. I feel they should draft Poe, DeCastro, or Kirkpatrick with the first pick. What do you think?

JACOB AUS - Vermillion, S.D.
Are the Cowboys going to do anything about the defensive line? Please tell me they are going to release Kenyon Coleman!

"PUDDIN" WELLINGTON SYNAN – Fredericksburg, Va.
Hey guys, with the signing of Dan Connor do you think occasionally we will see some 4-3 looks since Carter, Lee and Connor all played linebacker in college?

DENNY JONES – Elk Grove, Calif.
Why do we pay starter money to backup players? We will continue to be mediocre because of this.

JESS HAYNIE – Roanoke, Va.
Hey guys. Looking at the four young carry-overs from last year... Nagy, Costa, Kowalski, Arkin... where do you think the team is on each of these players and what are their chances for being on the Week One roster? What do you think of Nagy moving to his college position of center?

GARETT BUSH – Yorba Linda, Calif.
Maybe not this draft, but can you see Jerry considering drafting Romo's replacement in the near future? It could take up to 2-3 years to get a franchise QB ready.

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